S2NRG is a global energy development company that offers Industrial Renewable Energy projects on an international basis. Through close partnerships with energy private equity, the industrial companies and technological partners, we deliver energy independence.

Renewable energy is currently shaking up the power sector. All over the world, countries are running days, if not weeks or months, solely on solar, wind, or hydroelectric power. Governments are betting big on renewables, creating large offshore wind turbines and solar farms, and slowly abandoning the use of fossil and nuclear fuels.


This all comes at a time when oil prices are also experiencing record lows, which should mean less of a demand for renewables, right?


In theory, yes. But other factors are making renewables more competitive than fossil fuels. Government policies are promoting greener energy, with green industries getting subsidized and incentivized. Consumers and businesses are showing strong support for green initiatives as well, but the real reason renewables are booming comes down to one simple fact: they’re cleaner.


To become cleaner, replacing fossil and nuclear fuels with renewables is important, but there is also a giant step to take to reduce emission from industrial processes. That waste can be turned into new power by S2NRG’s ‘Integrated Hybrid Energy’ (IHE) platform. ‘IHE’ combines the energy contained in industrial waste streams from the heat intensive industries, with traditional renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc.) to produce clean, renewable and reliable sources of energy: this is Industrial Renewable Energy.


These green energy sources help clean up the Earth and curb climate change, and now that the green industry is getting financially competitive, renewables are no longer just healthy for the environment, they’re also healthy for the bottom line. If you can choose a clean option or one that has a negative impact on the planet, why choose the latter?


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