waste to industrial renewable energyDid you hear about industrial renewable energy and you wonder what it is?

50% of all industrial energy is wasted representing millions of megawatts globally and a major untapped source of energy.   Energy intensive industries (such as steel, aluminum, glass and cement) consume a majority of all industrial energy and over 50% of this energy is lost in their respective production processes. This represents millions of megawatts on a global scale.  The vast amount of energy spilled by these energy intensive industries is regarded as waste by most, but to us it is a major untapped source of energy. In it, we see a significant (clean and renewable) opportunity to unlock the potential economic value to drive industrial competitiveness, economic development, and the agenda for energy independence.

Industrial Renewable EnergyWe call this Industrial Renewable Energy.

Globally governments along with industry are constantly exploring new ways to address the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental progress. A strong desire to reduce carbon emissions on a global scale makes it commonly accepted that the use of fossil fuels for the production of energy has to be minimized in the future. Where it still needs to be applied, it should only be used in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, are becoming more important as sources of clean energy. These types of energy are gradually becoming more efficient but are still expensive, require large footprint and are dependent on the availability of wind and sun. Combining more traditional renewable energy sources with industrial renewable energy provides stable power supply, reducing the need for costly storage of additional ‘spinning’ capacity.


S2nrg works right on the crossroads of different domains and offers solutions to:

  • generate an additional source of revenues by generating electric power
  • improve industrial efficiency
  • leverage on and deploy renewable resources – when available


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