The future of the Energy landscape

Why we stand for Industrial Renewable Energy

we unleash power - industrial renewable energy

Our Vision

Industries can play an important role in the future energy infrastructure. 

S2NRG believes that industrial assets are sources of energy and we have the technology to unlock that opportunity. A huge amount of energy is trapped within the industrial process representing a major untapped source of energy.

We refer to this type of energy as industrial renewable energy.

To address this enormous opportunity, S2NRG has developed the Integrated Hybrid Energy™ (IHE) technology platform unleashing the stranded energy from energy-intensive industrial processes. 


Our Missionturbine-cog-wheel-industrial-renewable-energy

S2nrg strives to become the leader in

Industrial Renewable Energy.

We create value for industries, energy private equity and for other stakeholders by leveraging our unique Integrated Hybrid Energy approach that combines sources of stranded energy from industrial assets with traditional renewable energy resources.

Integrated Hybrid Energy projects provide a flexible and reliable source of powereconomic advantage, and investment opportunities.