Renewables power capacity: energy regulators urge to identify ways to innovate the grid connection.

Grid connectionIt’s no news that the world is taking the leap into renewables. COP21 at the end of last year made clear that we need to work on the inclusion of renewable resources and clean energy production.

One of the biggest challenges is in regard of how to accelerate the connection of renewable power capacity.  In UK, the energy regulator Ofgem is advocating solutions to connect power production from renewable resources to the grid.

Ofgem chief executive Dermot Nolan said: “We want distribution network operators (DNOs) to take creative approaches to speeding up renewable connections.”

The UK energy regulator is urging generators and stakeholders to consider new business ideas and innovative approaches in order to integrate renewable resources to existing assets.

What if we could pivot not only on the existing grid and power generators, but also on other industrial plants?