If you have read on Industrial Renewable Energy and S2NRG’s Integrated Hybrid Energy platform on S2NRG.com and still need conviction. Here are 50 more reasons to use renewable energy.



1. Renewable energy is environmentally more friendly than fossil fuels.

2. Renewable energy sources cannot be depleted

3. Renewable energy industry can create many new jobs

4. Renewable energy helps against climate change

5. Renewable energy helps against pollution.


6. Renewable energy offers variety of energy sources to choose from.

7. Renewable energy sources are available in all countries of the world.

8. Renewable energy can help improve energy independence of many countries in the world.

9. Renewable energy can improve our future energy security.

10. Renewable energy can help decrease expensive foreign fuel import.


11. Renewable energy can stop fighting over oil resources.

12. Renewable energy can move science forward by opening the way for scientists to discover new ways of harnessing energy.

13. Renewable energy can improve many of our current technologies.

14. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy have almost unlimited potential.

15. Renewable energy can build strong domestic energy industry.


16. Renewable energy is long-term energy solution because world will eventually run out of fossil fuels.

17. Each country can choose renewable energy source that best suits their needs.

18. Strong renewable energy development will reduce the impact of powerful fossil fuel lobbies.

19. Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more efficient.

20. Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels.


21. Renewable energy sources can not lead to environmental disasters such as the one in Chernobyl.

22. Renewable energy can transform our economy and provide new business opportunities.

23. Renewable energy sources will soon become more profitable than staying with fossil fuels.

24. New scientific research opens the way for new discoveries that could have positive effects in many other fields and industries.

25. Renewable energy offers cheaper energy solutions for isolated and remote areas.


26. Renewable energy sources are much cleaner compared to coal and other fossil fuels.

27. Renewable energy sources are responsible for far less greenhouse gas emission than fossil fuels.

28. Renewable energy sources are becoming more reliable.

29. Renewable energy sources can help diversify energy portfolio of many countries in the world.

30. The number of people who work directly or indirectly in renewable energy industry grows all the time.


31. Strong domestic renewable energy sector equals to lesser dependence on oil.

32. Joint renewable energy projects could help connect people from different countries.

33. Renewable energy can help in electrification of many rural areas.

34. Renewable energy offers quick energy solutions for many developing countries that do not have enough money for expensive foreign fuel import.

35. Renewable energy can build bridges among countries by sharing technological know-how.


36. Renewable energy can lead the world to safe and clean energy future.

37. World currently uses only a tiny fraction of totally available renewable energy resources meaning that there is almost unlimited future potential.

38. Some renewable energy technologies like for instance hydropower are already proven technologies.

39. Renewable energy can be stored. Adequate energy storage is the solution against intermittency of some renewable energy sources.

40. Solar and wind industries are among the fastest growing industries in the world.


41. Renewable energy can help solve the global waste issue. With the adequate technologies waste can be turned into useful form of energy.

42. Renewable energy offers new social perspective and has contributed heavily to go green mindset of many people all across the globe.

43. Renewable energy can help preserve our planet clean and healthy for future generations.

44. Using renewable energy technologies is modern thing. Solar panels and wind turbines are often described as “cool” by many people.

45. Even if fossil fuels were to become inexhaustible they would still be far to environmentally damaging to compete with renewable energy.


46. Renewable energy industry offers scalability of renewable energy solutions.

47. According to one Greenpeace study world could save around $180 billion a year by making a switch to renewable energy sources.

48. Renewable energy investment continues to rise on national and global level giving excellent opportunities to many domestic and foreign investors.

49. Renewable energy is simply the “go to energy option”. No matter when, but at some time renewable energy will become the only available energy option once world starts running out of fossil fuels.

50. By using more renewable energy sources we can show we care not only for our planet but for our children, grandchildren and the future of humanity in general. Renewable energy is one of the bright lights our civilization should stream for.

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